Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stories R Us

Stories are not abstractions from life, but how we engage in it. We make stories, and those stories make us human. -- David R. Loy, The World is Made of Stories

I wonder what it would have been like if someone had come along and in a quite friendly manner had asked, 'Well, young one, what do you think you are, a boy or a girl?' What would it have been like not to have been afraid of getting hit for giving some wrong answer? -- Kate Bornstein, "Gender Outlaw"

Instead of getting rid of stories, one can liberate them: storying more flexibly, according to the situation. Shunyata, "emptiness," is a heuristic device to free us from wherever we are stuck. -- Loy

The culture may not simply be creating roles for naturally gendered people, the culture may be in fact creating the gendered people. ... In other words, the culture may be creating gender. -- Bornstein

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