Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm so lucky

This story comes to us from the Twitter feed of musician Amanda Palmer:

walking downtown portland, a homeless-looking deaf woman came up to me. i thought she wanted money, but upon closer listening she actually..

...was asking if she could use my phone. to call her sister. she offered me a dollar. i said no. i dialed for her. she left a message...

..and as she thanked me she shook her fist at the sky and said in her broken deaf voice "i'm so lucky". i almost broke down again. me & her. 

 Every morning, I recite the Four Reminders. The first is:

Life is precious. I am extremely fortunate to have the privilege and leisure to study and practice.

Take a breath. Contemplate: What is precious to me? What is my good fortune? What makes me appreciate this precious human birth? What makes me want to raise my hands and shout at the sky "I'M SO LUCKY!!" Do it -- raise your hand to the sky and shout (out loud or in your mind) I'M SO LUCKY!!!

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