Sunday, September 27, 2009

sept. 27

yesterday the world was shiny, to use a word from the joss whedonverse. on the subway, two muscled-up guys got up and gave up their seats, and another woman and I did a polite dance about trying to let the other person have it (a third person just took one.) ultimately, we both fit. then, after hanging out at bryant park at the very parisian tables, I got to overhear a conversation among three dudes about how the buddha came to enlightenment. "no, no he was like a prince, and he went out to look at his kingdom and then he sat down under a tree, and like didn't eat, dude, and then vishnu came and sat with him and another guy. and that was how it spread." "dude, some of these guys can meditate so deeply that you can't tell if they're dead or alive." "dude, when they died, they found that they rotted out from the inside from not eating or something." if only they knew.

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