Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meditative art

Excerpted From The Nation:

Fashion photographer and avid dharma practitioner Punsiri Siriwetchapun believes there is little difference between working on his art and meditation.

"The teaching of Lord Buddha seeks to achieve the cessation of suffering. The way to undo suffering is to explore the causes as they manifest themselves in our own bodies and minds in order to understand their origins. It's the same with my art. I search within myself to convey my thoughts. My art presents my inner self," says Punsiri who has been practising dharma for more than a decade.

Punsiri has teamed up with three fellow artists for the devotional exhibition "No Absolute Truth in the Universe" at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

"Many people think that dharma practice is limited to the temple. I think meditation can be done everywhere, so I dress my sculptures in the costumes of everyday life," explains one of the artists.

Like the practise of dharma itself, this exhibition is best appreciated through personal experience

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